This Is My Journey

Thank you to the few people who have been here in the past two weeks since my original post. I love that quote from The Bell Jar because it really resonates with me.

I have so many passions in my life; music, fitness, entrepreneurship, coffee. Picking my path from those interests, I believe, is ultimately unfulfilling because they are simply interests and affinities I have that create shallow pools of belonging. They lead to a potentially empty sense of self.

Who I Am

Ultimately, I want to be connected to my community, wherever that is, a dedicated man to my family, and I want to give back. I believe that by focusing my sights on The Lord I will reach a deeper sense of fulfillment and spread His love unto others.

Please don’t let my spirituality turn you away. I am a lover of all men and women; I put no expectations upon others. I have a passion for serving others that has been instilled in me for a purpose that has not yet been fulfilled.

Let’s Get Engaged

I’m excited that you’re here reading. I’m merely seeking engagement. I implore you to share. The thoughts I relay are reflections at certain points in my life; times when I was feeling lost or elated.

I share because I believe open communication, about real situations we all face, can create a greater understanding of humanity.

Here’s to the future; to moving forward. Let’s walk together.

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