Resilience: Do You Have It?

You’ve hit a roadblock. You feel as if you’re physically being held down and restrained with no hope in sight. How do you break free? Or better yet, how do you stay still and limit the damage done until the stranglehold is released?

Resilience and stupidity seem like they go hand-in-hand. Successful entrepreneurs always have amazing stories; I was broke, had $5 to my name, and ended up growing a company into a $5 million dollar a year business.

Where is the honesty, though, when it comes to the nitty gritty details of the struggle? When do you hear entrepreneurs talk about the years of stress, failures, and deep deep sorrow they’ve undergone in order to see their story through? When do they discuss the constant heartbreak they experienced until success came knocking on their door or better yet, never showed it’s face at all?

You Don’t Make the Rules

Adversity in life is not the the exception; it’s the rule. Your path is not due to you discovering a way to supersede the struggles you face. You find your way, or get incredibly lost, amidst the obstacles: among the obstacles.

Asking hurdles to be removed altogether would require you to run a very different race than everyone else in this world. The lessons you learn and victories you earn would be for not if there were no such thing as the struggle. Is that the life you want to lead; evading problems like they were a warrant, eventually finding yourself trapped in the closet and locked up for the same reasons you avoided all hardship to begin with?

Perseverance is the only logical answer when faced with adversity, I once heard someone say who was in the midst of battling an already advanced cancer, all the while having a content look on his face as if he had already beat the malignancies. I can’t say that’s always been my attitude. I can say I’ve doubted, I’ve fought hard, I’ve sunk low in my chair hoping nobody would call on me; to rise to the occasion.

It’s All About Right Now

When you pull back from your momentary struggle and look at the big picture, obstacles and hardships can appear to require an immense amount of fortitude. Question; are you attempting to handle all of your hurdles, even future ones, at once? If so, are you prepared to fail?

The reality is that while the future may prove to be quite daunting and filled with a heap of shit, what’s only ever required of you is to get through the current moment. The future is not real. Unless you do develop a time machine, that impending moment hasn’t yet occurred and you’re only ever judged based upon how you face the moment.

The Scenery: It Always Changes

Resilience to me, is the courage to face every moment with your head held high; not to shield yourself from the temporarily hurtful. Circumstances change. Let your life crash down around you from the epic waves the ocean brings ashore on a disaster of a day. For it is those same waves that you will ride to victory, should you choose to accept them.

Here’s to tragedy and the fortitude to run, walk, or crawl forward.

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