Proof Is In The Pudding

In my time selling and consulting others on Amazon, I’ve accumulated a wealth of knowledge; some of it I’ve learned the hard way. I will leverage all of my experiences to guide you through the maze that is ecommerce and the ever-changing dynamic of the Amazon marketplace. Below, I’ve compiled just a few of my results.

Store Launch

In order to get your products to consumers, you need to have an effective launch strategy, in regards to both product representation and visibility. Product listings have to be optimized to create an environment where conversions are more likely to happen, and you have to get your products seen in order for those conversions to even be a possibility. I have a knowledge of all the instruments Amazon offers, experience in utilizing them, and the know-how to maximize both internal and external tools. This has propelled me to successfully launch my own business and those of my clients. It’s not a question of either or with me. The real question is; when do you want to start?

Product Ranking

Amazon has become the biggest search engine in ecommerce, even outranking Google. When one search could bring up hundreds of thousands of products, getting noticed isn’t easy. If you’re past page 2, it’s almost impossible. I will find the keywords your product is already ranking for, as well as new higher volume keyword phrases and target those by optimizing your listing and running promotions. The more visibility you have on Amazon, the more likelihood you will sell your product. I got one of my clients ranked #8 on the first page search results with a phrase that gets almost 15,000 searches a month on Amazon. Talk about visibility.

Amazon PPC Campaigns

Just like my clients, I understand what it’s like to sell on Amazon and know the feeling that you aren’t quite maximizing all your resources. Your advertising capabilities on Amazon used to be a bonus. It’s now a necessity! You can’t launch a new product or get great visibility today, unless you’re lucky, without utilizing Amazon’s Advertising Platform. On Seller Central it’s known as Sponsored Products. On the Vendor Central side it’s called AMS (Amazon Marketing Services). Both are equally capable of getting your product noticed. Let me help you generate sales and hone in on your target audience with advertising on Amazon.

Brand Story

Your Brand Story is super important to the success of your company. The story has to be personalized and resonate emotionally with your customers. They want to buy more than a product; they want to invest in you and what your company is doing. I’ve created my own brands and worked with others, helping them to realize their story, the potential they have, and then turning that into realization. I will help you deliver your brand into the hands of your target audience and effectively launch it on the marketplace; be it Amazon or the internet at large.

Where do you go from here?

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