On Failure

I have fallen short of every expectation and deadline ever placed upon me. Or so it seems.

So this is a slight exaggeration of the reality of my circumstances but at the moment, I feel like I’m up against a wall and I just can’t move: waiting for my torso to be severed from my lower half. You know that scene in Signs by M. Night Shyamalan, where Mel Gibson’s wife is pinned up against the tree by a car and if they move it she is going to die? That’s what I’m talking about.

Quitting vs. Redirection

When you’re feeling the almost literal weight of the world resting upon your chest and it feels as though you’ve failed every test up until this very moment what do you do?

How do you proceed?

Do you give up on your project and just move onto the next one? Or do you keep pushing until you feel like you’ve got nothing left; fight a little while longer and hope the tipping point is coming soon?

How you do you know when it’s time to call it quits; that what you’re fighting for is no longer worth it?

If you commit to a marriage, you commit for a lifetime. All crazy persons aside, when the road is tough and you can’t figure out how to communicate with one another without blowing up at each other, then what? You seek help; from a professional.

You attempt to repair damage that has been done and build new pathways for a successful road ahead. Of course the road may be rough, but you keep trekking on.

Emotional Equity in Business

When it comes to business, the same rules seem applicable. The only issue arises when you factor in that quirky thing called capital. What if our emotions were considered comparable to currency?

You can build up emotional fortitude, like cash. You can track emotions, like cash. But can you create cash from thin air like you seem to do with emotions.

Maybe emotions aren’t created from nothing at all, and they are made from the hard work and perseverance that is invested into that relationship. Can money be created from hard work and perseverance? Absolutely.

How do you know when your emotional investment starts working? You and your partner start clicking. Every comment isn’t taken as a jab; or meant as one.

How do you know when your business is working? Cash is coming in. Can that be the only factor to measure success? Of course not.

But can you measure heart and determination in a way that is graphable?

ROEI: Return on Emotional Investment

My point is that our emotional investment in a business is similar to our cash investment; if a considerably less amount of emotion is invested into a relationship, like cash, you’ll receive less. It will at least take considerably longer to reap the returns, through either avenue.

Would your courageousness to never back down from a challenge in your relationship be seen as stupidity in your business? Will you stick around long enough to find out?

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