Hello, My Name is Michael, I’m an Amazon Consultant

When I started my own product-based ecommerce business 8 years ago, I honestly didn’t know what to expect.

I have a close friend who helped me get started and was an incredible influence in my life. Super positive guy and he was integral in my success. Once I got started though, I had to forge my own way.

I was sort of in the dark.

Not only did I make uninformed decisions in my business while starting out, including setting pricing on products without accounting for costs related to selling online, I didn’t even know what a balance sheet was.

Crazy, I know.

At that time, not many people were docked in the harbor so there wasn’t a rush to get anywhere. There was, however, an ocean of opportunity waiting for exploration and plenty of rocks that hadn’t been turned over yet.

Today, nothing could be further from the truth about the ecommerce landscape. You have to stand out. You have to be dynamic in your plans. You have to constantly be watching your progress in order to succeed and that can be daunting.

What I’ve Learned and How I Can Help

I’ve learned so much from the time I started and the lessons I’ve taken away are huge: from both my failures and my successes. Amazon has been a part of my business for 6 of those years and I’ve been able to generate a ton of revenue by tapping into the power of this burgeoning marketplace.

I’ve also lost revenue and stumbled plenty of times. Then I got back up, brushed myself off quickly, and took another step.

When I started consulting a few years ago, I discovered a passion for utilizing my expertise to jumpstart others that I never knew was there. For now, selling is on the back burner.

My focus: helping passionate business owners who want to grow their businesses on Amazon.

Here is where you enter the picture.

My business, Matters of the Cart LLC, is officially launching our consulting agency and blog. Currently, I have a rapidly expanding roster of clients. You could even be my next client.

I’m looking for people with businesses who have a product and want to generate awareness and revenue for their brand. Through my knowledge base and expertise in the ecommerce industry, I aim to help skyrocket your business.

Great Things Come in Small Packages

For the moment, our team is small. I am your main point of contact. I have a small staff that helps manage tasks on our projects and an assistant to keep everything on track.

We may be small but we are not limited. We give you a personalized experience and aim to provide you with undeniable value. Our knowledge is what separates us; we have resources and experience like a larger agency would.

If you have a question, you ask me, and I respond.

When there is an issue or the plan doesn’t go as expected, you just reach out to me and we will work through it.

Are you in?

The Blog is Real

The blog is both a jumping off point for starting projects with me and an honest look into what I believe it truly means to be an entrepreneur. That may not even be the right word. Entrepreneur seems to be overused. Let’s just say I take an in depth look at being a small business owner.

I’ll share my thoughts and I want to hear from you. If you like what I say, please say so and share it. If you disagree, comment, and we can discuss.

I also may point you towards experts who I believe will really be helpful in your quest to grow your business. I hope these people provide you as much value as I’ve received from them.

Take a look around at my portfolio, my posts, and our services. Sign up to receive updates on when new blog posts show up.

Don’t forget to book a free 30 minute consultation by filling out any of the forms you find around the site. We can discuss your project and see how you can utilize my skills to grow your product and your brand.

Let’s get started!

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