Who Are We and Why Us?

Our philosophy is simple; we’re here to serve you.

Each client we bring on gets the accessibility and responsiveness they would expect from a one-on-one relationship, as well as the resources and focus to drive bottom line growth. We have the knowledge to garner results and the dedication to implement aggressive strategies for maximum brand exposure. With you, we make the team you always wanted but weren’t sure you could have.

A Word From Our CEO

I’m merely a man who wishes to make an impact through his relationships. My focus is the reality of life, not the shiny materialism that entrepreneurs seem to focus on. I’m here to enjoy each and every moment.

As a small business owner, I understand the struggle of generating growth with what often seems like limited resources. Ingenuity and a lot of perspiration is my ideal recipe for appreciation of success. I aim to show God’s love to all, be a devoted husband, an involved father, and to keep dreams alive.

When it comes to your project, I approach challenges as growth opportunities. Having a responsiveness to feedback allows me to adapt quickly in unforeseen situations. I have an insatiable curiosity for knowledge and I take a customized approach in business development to reach your targeted KPIs.

I’m going to ignite your creative process and follow through with guidance on implementation of action plans set forth. Having run my own product-based ecommerce business, I have the added value of sharing the unique obstacles that our clients face in running their own businesses.

At Matters of the Cart, we are focused on leveraging data in creative ways to drive growth. We aren’t just Amazon Experts; we’re YOUR Amazon Experts.

Let’s get there together.

Michael Maher